CENTRSVET is a global lighting company, developer and manufacturer of lighting solutions, leader of the Russian market of designer lighting.

CENTRSVET company was founded in 2005 by a family of Russian entrepreneurs – Evgeny and Natalia Schegolev. We wholeheartedly invest our professional values to the creation of an international lighting company.

We develop and produce aesthetic, technological and high-quality illumination, lighting systems and lighting controls, improving our uniform brand style. Our customers all over the world choose us because they value design, technologies and prefer high-quality lighting.

We have thoroughly studied and processed the science of artificial lighting: from the very basics and conventional light bulbs to the most exquisite benchmark lighting solutions. Alongside with an efficient team, whose creativity has been acknowledged by numerous lighting design patents and top international awards and accolades, and thanks to our vision, many talents, hard work and company's culture, we create unique and inimitable DNA codes of CENTRSVET.

We know that LIGHT IS EVERYTHING and establish a new world standard of lighting design, technologies and high-quality service in the lighting industry.


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We pay special attention to the aesthetics of our luminaires and lighting systems, collaborate with prominent industry professionals and world-renown designers and offer beautiful, funtional and high-quality lighting.

CENTRSVET is the only Russian company that has won over 50 top international awards for design and technologies.

We develop our products at our in-house R&D department using the latest scientific knowledge and existing technologies in the lighting industry. Centrsvet is the holder of numerous patents for the newest constructive solutions that distinguish our products with thoughtful execution.

In Moscow, at Technopark Orbita, we develop all our products at an in-house R&D department, where we create prototypes, conduct testing in our own light laboratory and make sure we have created the best product possible, and then put it in production.


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We test and certify finished products at scientific centers and accredited laboratories of VNISI, NIIIS, STSI, MSU and others. To achieve superior characteristics, we conduct testing for color rendering, pulsation, absence of odors and toxicity, electrical safety.

Our practical and smart lighting technologies, personalized and easy-to-control lighting create a desired mood, comfortable atmosphere and delightful emotions, while creating healthy habits.

The quality and safety of our products are verified by EAC, CE, UL certificates and comply with Russian, European and American standards.

Our responsible approach to work, rigorous control over the production and assembly process and attention to detail allow us to provide warranty for all our products.

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CENTRSVET products are always in stock. Our clients receive our lighting without delays or technical issues. Turn-key fast shipping and worldwide delivery on time from the central warehouse.

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CENTRSVET's in-house service department guarantees support and maintenance of our products throughout their service life and provides fast and high-quality servicing. Our clients always know who to call if necessary.

We provide lighting design and lighting calculation services for our clients. We train and educate designers and students of design universities on how to use lighting equipment in interiors.

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CENTRSVET is the first company to enter the Russian National Committee of the International Commission on Illumination. The CIE is the biggest international venue for discussing issues related to science, technologies and art of light and lighting, and for the exchange of information between countries.

The Russian National Committee was founded in 1935, and has operated on the basis of VNISI Institute until recently. The Committee develops standards in cooperation with the International Standardization Organization (ISO) and supports the development of national and international norms.

As a part of the Committee, CENTRSVET will take part in creation of standards in the lighting industry in Russia and globally, testing and developing new products.


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CENTRSVET is a member of the American Lighting Association (ALA). ALA represents manufacturers and designers of lighting appliances and lighting control systems in the US and Canada. The Association helps promote innovative solutions on American market and guarantees the quality of products of those companies who are a part of the Association.

Technological effectiveness of lighting is one of the most important characteristic of Centrsvet's products. It allows to receive homogenous lighting, the right color temperature and color rendering. Centersvet's and ALA's mission is to raise awareness on the imporance of high-quality lighting in people's lives.


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CENTRSVET collaborates with leading architects, designers and partners who implement lighting projects in private and commercial interiors, exteriors and landscapes.


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Russian celebrities choose CENTRSVET lighting for their apartments and country houses. They do not advertise us – they use our lighting!


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