We deliver orders to Europe and countries of the EEU. All Centrsvet products are available in stock in Moscow. Each model has the Russian quality certificate. On request we can provide the required certificate for your country. We also arrange full forwarding and customs clearance of the products, it is only necessary to confirm the dispatch date. All prices for our products are specified in the Russian roubles.

It is rather profitable since the Russian national currenсy is getting cheaper related to the Euro and dollar. Anyways, we fix the exchange rate for 10 days, so you can be sure that the price will be kept for you unchanged. Moreover, for all orders to Europe and countries of the EEU we deduct the VAT: 16,67% from the price specified on the website.

For more information about delivery, please contact our export managers. For quick communication WhatsApp is also available.


Our logistics manager is ready to answer all your questions about logistics, customs, terms and delivery cost of the goods:


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