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Dec. 17, 2021


CENTRSVET is the winner of Saint-Petersburg-based award. Auroom Pink + Karim Rashid collection of luminaires was named the best designer product of 2021.

ADD AWARDS is a professional prize in private architecture, interior, landscape and product design.

The traditional "Oscar" of interior design united over 700 designers, architects and partners of the project at one venue to celebrate the most outstanding designers and the seventh season of the Awards.

The design of the exclusive trophy that will be awarded to the winners of the VII season of ADD AWARDS was created by Alex Petunin, artist, Master of architecture, and co-owner of Oneione Interiors multidisciplinary design studio.



Capsule collection by the legendary designer Karim Rashid. His interior design pieces, furniture and decorations can be found everywhere: from posh New York restaurants to Prada and Giorgio Armani boutiques and the bottle of Kenzo Jeu d'Amour perfume.

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