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July 2, 2021


Mamai-Calé is an exlusive luxury resort. The picturesque forest zone has a restaurant, a wine bar, open terraces and gazeebos, cinema bar and a fresh water pool.

If theatre begins at the cloakroom, Mamai-Calé definitely begins at the location. Mamai-Calé is located in a national park, near Upper Sochi forestry. Over 3000 plants from Vanucci nursery, not far from Montecatini Terme in Tuscany, were brought here.

Landscape and outdoor lighting was created by CENTRSVET. POST columns are installed along garden pathways, and the facade is illuminated with GUNN wall-mounted sconces.

Concept-wise, Mamai-Calé is divided into several independent zones. The main hall functions as a fine dining restaurant with exquisite dishes, enormous plates and three separate secluded zones. General lighting in the restaurant is executed with AUROOM brass system. Accent lighting is executed with LOCUS luminaires.

Maria Ksenofontova is the author of the design project for Mamai-Calé.
Instagram: ksenofontova_maria_interiors


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