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July 12, 2021


TSUM V.I.P. individual service salon is located at the very heart of Moscow, in TSUM. The salon offers its elite clients outfits from elite brands represented in TSUM. Individually picked clothing collections for the most important guests are illuminated by CENTRSVET luminaires and lighting systems.

The salon has a reception zone, a lounge zone for relaxation, and private fitting rooms preceded by a long hallway.

After entering the salon, guests find themselves at the reception. It is illuminated by CENTRSVET recessed luminaires that were customized specially for the V.I.P. salon. A lens with a narrow light beam is used in them. It minimizes glare at the reception zone and enhances illumination of the zone.

Lounge-zone is illuminated by CENTRSVET recessed track system placed along the perimeter of the ceiling. Linear luminaires with diffused lighting are used to create calm atmosphere.

The hallway is illuminated by CENTRSVET recessed system. Its length is 26.5 meters. The track is installed in a single line on the ceiling along the hallway. To reduce the quantity of maintenance access openings on the ceiling, recessed power sources are used. They are invisible in the trak and allow to leave the ceiling intact.

Private fitting rooms are illuminated by CENTRSVET recessed system too. Individual service salons and elite clientele require elite lighting. That’s why – CENTRSVET.


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